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This lesson's assignments:
  • consider types of digital artifacts to demonstrate portfolio purposes
  • consider where to establish online storage site and upload files
  • discuss different online services
  • discuss online readings (see list)
  • weekly blog entry
Discussion #1. Collection/Digital Archive Development - Capturing the Moment - Integrating Technology into Instruction
Discussion #2: what tools can we use to meet the needs of the different collection processes?

Implementation Plan Activity:
Step 4: Stakeholders - Who is involved and how will you introduce them to ePortfolios?
Identify Stakeholders in Portfolio Implementation Process and Develop Initial Communication Plan for each stakeholder group

Step 5.1: Plan for Level 1 implementation: ePortfolios as Storage (how will artifacts be created, where will they be stored?)

Portfolio Activity
Create a matrix that identifies appropriate digital artifacts to demonstrate different portfolio purposes. Explore the various online systems that can be used to create electronic portfolios. Establish online account with chosen online service (GoogleDocs, DropBox,, etc.) and provide rationale for choice in appropriate discussion.

Reflection Prompt: Reflection: CREDIT participants, write a blog entry that documents your learning activities for this lesson. What did you learn from the reading, viewing and discussions. (Optional, but recommended for non-credit participants)

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