1. Syllabus
2. Schedule
3. Planning
4. Resources


This lesson's assignments:
  • online readings (see list)
  • weekly blog entry
Discussion: Discuss portfolio development process, readings

Dialogue #1: What are the elements of the portfolio development process? How do these elements fit into your vision of electronic portfolio development? Why is each element important? What is the teacher's role in this process?

Dialogue #2: Share your vision statement and give/receive feedback.

Implementation Plan Element

Step 3: What is your Purpose/Vision?
your vision statement for your e-portfolio implementation. Review the slide show that is embedded on the page in the Resources section and the examples provided there.

Reflection Prompt:
Portfolio development processes

2. Multiple Purposes for creating e-portfolios
2.1 Balancing the 2 Faces of e-portfolios + other readings/videos - 2 mentions of e-portfolios in NETP.

Reflection: CREDIT participants, write a blog entry that documents your learning activities for this lesson. What did you learn from the reading, viewing and discussions. (Optional, but recommended for non-credit participants)

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