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Lesson 2


Introduction by Dr. Barrett

This lesson covers the portfolio development process, and the value added of technology. My concept of the "two faces" of e-portfolios is introduced (workspace vs. showcase), along with three development levels of implementation (storage/digital archive, reflective journal/blog, presentation/structured website). You will continue with the next step of the planning process, writing the first draft of your vision statement for implementing electronic portfolios in your classroom, school, or district.

Learning Objectives (Inputs): You will
    discuss differences in content and structure of academic/learning vs. marketing/showcase vs. assessment portfolio
  • describe your purposes for creating e-portfolios with your students and a professional e-portfolio for yourself
    review portfolio development process and how technology supports each element
This lesson's assignments: (Outputs)
  • online readings (see list) and discuss portfolio development process
  • write first draft of vision statement
  • weekly blog entry

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