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2. Schedule
3. Planning
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This lesson's assignments:
  • find and share examples of online student portfolios
  • online readings & videos (see list)
  • discussions/dialogue with peer or online group
  • begin developing Implementation Plan
  • weekly blog entry
Discussions: Introductions in designated Discussion area
Dialogue #1: Introduce yourself, where you teach, what subject(s) you teach and/or what grade level? What is your prior experience with the portfolio process --paper or electronic? what would you like to get out of this course? What are your questions about electronic portfolios? Share your blog address.

Similarities & Differences between social networks and electronic portfolios
Dialogue #2: divide into two discussions-- those who use and those who don't use social networking web tools. YES: Which social networks do you use? What do you think are the similarities and differences between the social networking processes and electronic portfolio processes, as you currently understand them. NO: If you don't use social networks, why not? What is your understanding of social networking?

Dialogue #3: What are the differences between the two faces of e-portfolios? What does Julie Hughes' statement mean: e-portfolios should be more a conversation (2-way) than a presentation (1-way)? What are the benefits of e-portfolios from process/product perspective? (Barnstable)

Intrinsic Motivation (TEDxASB talk + Dan Pink)
Discussion #4: Why are you having students develop e-portfolios? How are you going to address student motivation and ownership of their portfolios?)

- Digital Tools for Collection/Digital Archive Development & Classroom Management Tools (Storage Systems & using Mobile Devices) (my ISTE conference workshop)

Implementation Plan Element:

Open GoogleDocs Electronic Portfolio Planning Worksheet and save a copy so that you can edit it. (Googledocs File Menu->Make a copy...)

Step 1: Essential Conditions - Are you ready for ePortfolio Implementation?

Reflection Prompt: Reflection in blog - 3-5 paragraphs: write a blog entry that documents your learning activities for this lesson. What did you learn from the reading, viewing and discussions. (Optional, but recommended for non-credit participants)

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