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Introductions - Needs Assessment, Set up accounts, Set up blog, establish grade-alike sub-groups, Overview of course tools: Gmail, Google Site, Docs, Groups, Google+, blog.

Learning Objectives: You will
  • explore the multiple purposes and processes for creating electronic portfolios in K-12 Schools.
  • explore previous portfolio experiences
  • explore the variety of online examples of online electronic portfolios
  • explore the variety of online resources available to construct an online portfolio
  • set up (or adapt) blog as reflective journal

Watch the following video: ePortfolios as a Story of Deep Learning (UW2011) by Dr. Barrett (21 minutes):

E-Portfolios as Digital Stories of Deep Learning from Helen Barrett on Vimeo.

Watch the following YouTube videos: Dr. Barrett's TEDxASB: Blurring the Boundaries: Social Networking & ePortfolio Development (19 minutes)

YouTube Video

Explore: Review some of the examples of portfolios found in the Resources section.
View the age-relevant videos provided on the Videos page in the Resources section.
Do a Google search to find online portfolios in K-12 Education. Share examples of online portfolios.

Download and READ PDF: DIGITAL PORTFOLIOS: Guidelines for beginners (Pages 1-10) published by the New Zealand Ministry of Education

If you don't already have one, sign up for a blog account in either Blogger or

If you don't already have it installed, download the Firefox web browser OR download the Chrome web browser.

Supplemental Readings/Videos:

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