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Lesson 1


Introduction from Dr. Barrett

This first module will provide the context for creating electronic portfolios in K-12 education, including examples of online portfolios and online videos to view. You will begin the planning process for implementing electronic portfolios in your classroom, school, or district. It is also important to model the portfolio learning process, so you are encouraged to create a blog and reflect on the learning activities included in each lesson.

Learning Objectives: You will:
  • explore the multiple purposes and processes for creating electronic portfolios in K-12 Schools.
  • explore previous portfolio experiences
  • explore the variety of online examples of online electronic portfolios
  • explore the variety of online resources available to construct an online portfolio
  • set up (or adapt) blog as reflective journal

This lesson's assignments: (See Outputs)
  • find and share examples of online student portfolios
  • online readings & videos (see Inputs)
  • discussions/dialogue with peer or online group
  • begin developing Implementation Plan
  • weekly blog entry

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