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Examples of online portfolios

Blogger examples from Pt. England

Early Childhood Portfolios Blogger
Links: (Carol Stream, IL) (New Zealand) (NZ - with links to 2 public blogs)  (NZ = public student example in Blogger - lots of embedded images+video) 

Intermediate/Middle School

Blogger examples from Pt. England

All Pt. England blogs:

6th Grade - YIS (Kim Cofino) - Blogger

e-Portfolios created at Bucklands Beach Intermediate School, Auckland, New Zealand (students in years 7-8 – ages 10-13)
Tim (posted to Weebly)
Cheyenne (saved to Wikispaces)
Jessica (saved to Wikispaces)
Ellen (saved to Blogger)
Nicola (saved to Blogger)

High School
Google Sites examples
Google Sites Portfolio Templates
When creating a new Google Site, there are new templates available to use. Here are some of the templates available for portfolios:

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