1. Syllabus
2. Schedule
3. Planning
4. Resources


Open GoogleDocs Electronic Portfolio Planning Worksheet and save a copy so that you can edit it. (Googledocs File Menu->Make a copy...)

Step 1: Essential Conditions - Are you ready for ePortfolio Implementation?

Step 3: What is your Purpose/Vision?
Write your vision statement for your e-portfolio implementation. Review the slide show that is embedded on the page in the Resources section and the examples provided there.

Step 4: Stakeholders - Who is involved and how will you introduce them to ePortfolios?
Identify Stakeholders in Portfolio Implementation Process and Develop Initial Communication Plan for each stakeholder group

Step 5.1: Plan for Level 1 implementation: ePortfolios as Storage (how will artifacts be created, where will they be stored?)

Step 5.2 Level 2 Portfolio as Workspace - Plan for scaffolding reflection

Step 6. Brainstorm Skills/Training Needed. Develop plan for building e-portfolio skills of various stakeholders.
  • Technology Skills Assessment Inventories
  • Portfolio/Assessment for Learning Competencies
  • Collaboration Self-Assessment Tool

Step 5.3 Develop plan for Level 3 - Portfolio as Showcase (optional for lower grades)

Step 7. Identify Resources & Assistance needed, Challenges and Barriers

Step 7.1 Identify preferred tools and rationale for selection

Step 8. Develop evaluation plan - Establish expectations/targets and timeline

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