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Step-by-Step video editor

MovieMaker or iMovie

Here are some steps for putting together your Digital Narrative with iMovie or MovieMaker2:
  1. Write your script in GoogleDocs:
    1. Open
    2. Write your script (or upload a Word document) and share it with Dr. Barrett:
      You could use this document as a template:
      Word document to download or GoogleDocs template
      Share -> Invite People (and click Send)
  2. Select some images to go with your digital narrative. Here are some good websites to get Creative Commons images:
  3. Download MovieMaker for your version of Windows (or use iMovie on the Macintosh)
  4. Go to this Microsoft website for a tutorial on how to use MovieMaker:
    Here is Dr. Barrett's web page How to Create Simple Digital Stories
  5. If you don't use the recording feature of MovieMaker (or iMovie), use Audacity to record your audio and insert the audio into the program
    Online tutorial for Audacity
    University of South Florida's Tech-Ease Audacity Video Tutorials
    Updated tutorials for Audacity (audio editing)
  6. Only when the Narrative is completely finished, you will need to save your narrative in .WMV format.
  7. Where to publish digital stories online using one of the video sharing sites

Updated on Aug 31, 2011 by Helen Barrett (Version 5)