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Who? What? Why? How?

Who should take this course?

This course is meant for educators who want to implement electronic portfolios, but are not sure how to get started. The course is meant to provide information about electronic portfolios and help educators build an implementation plan. The course is designed to be self-paced, but educators are encouraged to work with a fellow educator on the course dialogue and developing the plan.

What is an ePortfolio? What is this course all about?

An ePortfolio (electronic portfolio) is a purposeful electronic collection of evidence that shows a student’s learning journey over time. The ePortfolio development process includes: collection and storage of digital artifacts (samples of student work); reflection before, during, and after learning activities; selection of specific artifacts to tell a specific story of learning; presentation to a specific audience for a specific purpose; goal-setting; feedback (assessment for learning) and evaluation (assessment of learning). This course will go through the different processes and levels of ePortfolio development.

Why develop ePortfolios?

There are many purposes for developing ePortfolios in K-12 education. Educators needs to develop their own vision for implementing ePortfolios and communicate that vision to the various stakeholders. Part of this course is to explore the various purposes and benefits of developing ePortfolios, and develop a vision statement and communication plan.

How can this course help you develop portfolios with your students? How do you approach this course and the ePortfolio development process?

Through the planning process, you will explore a variety of processes, strategies and tools for developing electronic portfolios with K-12 students. Hopefully, you are not taking this journey alone... that you go through the lessons with a fellow educator, or with a planning team.

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