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ePortfolios - Overview

Workshop Tutorial

Simulated Portfolios Processes using GoogleDocs: (optional student work samples) - Work in job-alike pairs

Outcomes for this section - a focus on Google Docs:
  • Collection of Google Docs for use in your portfolio, including resume
  • Collection of reflection templates for other teachers to use
  • Begin "To Do list" for Portfolio Committee
1. Collection and Sharing Documents
  • Upload work samples and convert into GoogleDocs formats
  • Upload Resume from Word document (or create one from Public Templates)
  • Select one document to share with partner
  • Open shared document
2. Scaffolding Reflection
  • Download PDF:
  • Upload to your GoogleDocs
  • Read through PDF with partner - find something you would like to use and share with other teachers
  • Review Reflection ideas for your grade level at this website:
  • Create a template for student reflection in GoogleDocs based on something you like in PDF (as a team)
    - Create GoogleDoc Document (copy text from PDF and paste into doc)
    - From GoogleDocs Home page, Select Browse Template Gallery
    - Select Submit a template (below is a sample of what it might look like in your school district's site)

    - Select Choose from your GoogleDocs (you must be the document owner)
  • To create a new document from template, in GoogleDocs home page, select Create new -> From template...
     from the Template Gallery
3. Goal Setting
  • Review Goal Setting resources on this page: (download Word documents, upload to GoogleDocs as templates?)
  • In GoogleDocs, create a Goal statement for yourself about portfolio implementation with your students
    In addition to goals, indicate:
    - What questions do you have?
    - What assistance/training do you need?
4. Feedback
Open shared Goal-Setting document from Step 3 above (listed on GoogleDocs Home page)
  • Provide feedback in two formats: co-editing and comments
  • Review comments/feedback
5. Blogging (Optional... only if you get through these activities)

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