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Open Collaborative Action Research Project

In June 2009, Dr. Helen Barrett announced an action research project to investigate the use of Web 2.0 tools to implement ePortfolios in K-12 schools. Teachers in K-12 schools are invited to participate in the research while implementing ePortfolios with students across the grade levels. The results of the study will be incorporated into a book on Interactive ePortfolio to be published by ISTE, focusing on K-12 students and teachers at all levels of their careers. The book's content will focus on creating student-centered interactive portfolios using generic Web 2.0 tools and processes.The book will be developed around themes of interactivity, reflection, feedback, engagement, and Dr. Barrett's vision of Balancing the Two Faces of ePortfolios:

This research project will focus on case studies from across the world on using Web 2.0 tools for ePortfolios. Emphasis will be on implementing the portfolio process using "safe" Web 2.0 tools, primarily GoogleApps for Education sites set up as "walled gardens" to protect student privacy. Schools who have adopted other Web 2.0 tools to implement ePortfolios will also be included in the study. Some training will be provided (primarily online). Some limited observation will be conducted in some "real life" classrooms implementing ePortfolios using these tools across the age span: primary, intermediate, junior high and high school. Ideally, teachers should already be familiar with the paper-based portfolio process, and already comfortable with the use of technology, and be willing to work on implementing ePortfolios over the next school year.

Invitation to Participate

Open Collaborative Action Research Project Design

Application to Participate

Interest in participating (fill out this form) ONLY if you agree to the terms of participation (make weekly blog entries about implementing ePortfolios using Web 2.0 tools with K-12 students). You must list your blog address and website address.

ePortfolio Research Project

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