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Tools- How-to

Webinar 3: Sharing Digital Stories

  • How to prepare videos for sharing online (.WMV or .MOV formats)
  • Where to publish digital stories online using one of the video sharing sites
  1. (15 minute maximum video length --a very public space... OK for your students, but you might not like to post there)
  2. or (two video hosting sites especially for schools)
  3. (a little less public, but Google restricting uploading access to Education and Premiere accounts -- 10 GB per domain)
  4. (I have a group of movies stored there: )
  5. (a community of individuals dedicated to spreading grassroots creativity: videos, podcasts and other works of personal media)
  6. (25 minutes maximum video limit under Basic account, upgrades available)
  7. (5 GB maximum storage) - includes player with link

Evaluating Digital Stories

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