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These are webinars conducted for CIC Teacher Educators in the spring of 2009.
Here is the website where these webinars are embedded.
The sub-pages provide the resources to support the webinars.

CIC Website launched:

February 19 webinar (Thursday):
Introduction to digital stories and examples that can be viewed online

  • Why do digital storytelling?
  • Overview of the digital storytelling process
  • Different types of digital stories that could be incorporated into teacher education
  • Different tools that can be used to create digital stories

Assignment before next webinar: Script idea or outline, posted in GoogleDocs
Start collecting images

March 16 webinar (Monday): Developing a digital story

  • What story do you want to tell? 
  • What images do you need to illustrate your story?
  • Recording the audio narration of your story
  • How to assemble a story using different tools
  • Online resources will be available for these tools: 
    • Apple’s iMovie (Macintosh)
    • Microsoft MovieMaker2 (Windows XP or Vista)
    • Microsoft PhotoStory3 (Windows XP only)
    • VoiceThread (Web 2.0 online tool, any computer)

Assignment before next webinar: Record narration, select images, put together story using selected tool

April 20 webinar (Monday): Publishing or Sharing a digital story

  • How to prepare videos for sharing online (.WMV or .MOV formats)
  • Where to publish digital stories online using one of the video sharing sites
  • How to share these stories with each other

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