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Record Audio

Here are some ideas for recording the audio narration for a digital story.

Speak slowly in a conversational voice. Don't make it sound like you're reading from a script.

On a computer (requires software)

Recommended software: Audacity (free) - Link to Audacity Tutorial
Recommend using external Microphone (less portability)
Using external Microphone (record your voice-over at the same quality level that you record your musical soundtrack: 16-bit, 44 kHz.)

Using a digital voice recorder

In many ways, using a portable voice recorder
Digital= Good Quality but Expensive
Analog= Lower Quality but Cheap
Transfer into computer
Digital = file
Analog = cable+software

On an iPod Touch/iPad/iPhone with microphone

The most recent iPod Touch, the iPad and the iPhone all have microphones that can be used to record audio. The challenge is uploading the r

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