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Prepare for a digital video story to add to your portfolio
Homework: write a script

Here is some information about how to prepare for a Digital Storytelling workshop. (NOTE: the video below will be replaced by a newer version, based on this script).

Prepare for a Digital Storytelling Workshop

Video development workshop - Develop a 1 or 2 minute video clip using your choice of tools: iMovie on Macs, MovieMaker on netbooks, or Powerpoint/
(A few people might want to try using the iPod Touch devices for video editing. See

- Finish script

- Find images

- Record audio

- Combine audio and images with video editor
See choices under Tools- How-to: Mobile Devices, Windows PhotoStory,, Video Editor (MovieMaker or iMovie), or VoiceThread

- Upload video online

- Link or Embed video in portfolio

Showcase digital videos developed

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