Links to Readings on the Implications of using Portfolios for Accountability prepared for AACTE 2006 conference
January 30, 2006

Presentation Slides for #161 (12:30-1:45 PM) Assessing Candidates, Programs, and Units: Pitfalls and Possibilities of Portfolios, Teacher Work Samples, SPA and State Reviews - Portfolios. (84K) Presentation Slides for #188 (3:15-4:45 PM) Major Forum: Developing and Using ePortfolios for Assessment and Accreditation - Common Tools (95K)

My "Online Portfolio Adventure"
where I re-created my portfolio with 17 different online portfolio tools, services or software.

Wilkerson, J.R., & Lang, W.S. (2003, December 3). Portfolios, the Pied Piper of teacher certification assessments: Legal and psychometric issues. Education Policy Analysis Archives, 11(45).
An excellent article on the issues of using portfolios for high stakes assessment.
Placier, P., Fitzgerald, K., and Hall, P. (2000) “I Just Did It to Get it Done” – The
Transformation of Intentions in Portfolio Assessment in Teacher Education. Paper
presented at annual meeting of AERA, April 2001, Seattle WA.
Barrett, H. (2004a) "Differentiating Electronic Portfolios and Online Assessment Management Systems." Proceedings of the 2004 Annual Conference of the Society for Information Technology in Teacher Education

Barrett, H. (2004b) "Electronic Portfolios as Digital Stories of Deep Learning: Emerging Digital Tools to Support Reflection in Learner-Centered Portfolios."

Barrett, H. and Wilkerson, J. (2004) "Conflicting Paradigms in Electronic Portfolio Approaches"
Barrett, H.C. and Carney, J.T. (2005) "Conflicting Paradigms and Competing Purposes in Electronic Portfolio Development" - Submitted to Educational Assessment, an LEA Journal, for an issue focusing on Assessing Technology Competencies, July 2005.

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