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ePortfolio Technology over Time

Lecture Notes

I've been studying electronic portfolios since 1991, when they were either on desktop computers or stored on video tape. In about 1995, electronic portfolios started to be stored on CD-ROM. In about the year 2000, portfolios started to show up on the Internet. I picked the year 2005 as the year that DVD recorders were standard equipment on desktop computers. Today, think about the type of technology that you currently have in your pocket or purse. With PDAs, Flash drives, mobile phones, iPods, all of these technologies can store and show ePortfolios. I am excited to think about what our next storage medium will be.

In terms of the software, we started out with common tools, such as hypermedia, office or Acrobat, moved to web page editors. More recently, there have been new customized systems adopted by institutions, that are based on an underlying data base. In many ways, these systems are work flow management systems for accountability and assessment. The problem right now is the interoperability of different portfolio systems. They often don't share data. It's like they are silos of information.