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Contents of How to get started

How to get started

  1. Define the purpose of the portfolio <br />(Learning? Showcase? Assessment?)<br />What is this portfolio supposed to demonstrate?<br />
  2. Collect digital documents [artefacts] <br />(or convert documents into digital <br />format through digital cameras or <br />scanners or digital audio/video tools)<br />
  3. Select specific documents to meet the goals identified in step 1 above. <br />(Sometimes in selecting the documents, the goals emerge!)

Lecture Notes

To get started, you need to first define the purpose of the portfolio: is it for learning, showcase, assessment? What is this portfolio supposed to demonstrate? You will need to create a digital archive of your work (that's where the flash memory USB drive can be very useful). Collect those documents from your hard drive, or convert them into digital format by scanning or using a digital still camera. You may also want to convert some audio and video. Select specific documents to meet the goals that you identified in the first step. I found that in the process of selecting my documents, the goals emerged.