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Contents of Tools for Creating Multimedia Artifacts (see links on Moodle for examples and weblinks)

Tools for Creating Multimedia Artifacts<br />(see links on Moodle for examples and weblinks)

Lecture Notes

Most artifacts are created as word processing documents or are captured with a digital still camera. However, I encourage people to add audio and video to create multimedia artifacts and reflections. You can download the open source Audacity software to record and edit audio. is a website that allows you to record audio. All you need is a microphone. I've also shown here an iPod with a Belkin microphone added to the bottom, which lets you use your iPod as a portable recorder. You can also capture video with a video camera. This Flip camera is a very inexpensive digital video camera that lets you transfer the video using a USB connection that pops out of the side. You can edit this video with Apple's iMovie, or Microsoft's MovieMaker2, a free download. You can also create digital stories from still images using Microsoft's PhotoStory, another free download, and you can upload your digital video to YouTube, which provides the code to either embed that video into your portfolio, or create a hyperlink.