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Contents of ePortfolio "Mash-up"

ePortfolio "Mash-up"

ePortfolio "Mash-up"

Small pieces, loosely joined

Lifetime Personal Web Space

Lecture Notes

My vision of portfolios is David Weinberger's concept of the Internet as "small pieces, loosely joined." This is a visual model that I created that showed the ePortfolio as a "mash-up". Many of my artifacts are on my website. My digital stories are stored on my .Mac account, or could be stored on YouTube. I have a blog where I maintain my learning journal. I store my images on Picasa, another Google service. Other people use Flickr. I can put my bookmarks in del-icio,us, my podcasts on iTunes, my social network on MySpace or FaceBook. My presentation portfolio is comprised of my reflections and links to my artifacts that are spread all over the Internet.