Digital Storytelling Workshop

November 30-December 1, 2006, Canby, Oregon
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Articles for Jigsaw Activity

  1. Making a Case for Digital Story Telling - article by David Jakes (December 1, 2005). Everyone has stories. Stories represent who we are, portray our life experiences, and when presented to others, help connect us to others through common shared experience. As such, telling a story is a powerful way to communicate with others. Any teacher knows that when he or she tells a story about themselves in class, every student is "dialed in," waiting on every word. The teacher becomes more 'real' simply by relating a personal anecdote. URL:
  2. Standards-Proof Your Digital Story Telling Efforts - article by David Jakes (Mar 1, 2006). In today's educational climate of No Child Left Behind, classroom instruction must be correlated with local, state and sometimes national standards. This correlation in many cases is in support of a guaranteed and viable curriculum, which itself is in support of effective schools. In some instances, this correlation may also relate to high-stakes testing and the need for students to perform at acceptable levels. Given the above, how can educators justify an educational activity like digital storytelling, which at first glance, seems an unlikely candidate for standards-based education? Ironically, the answer to this question can be found through a careful examination of a series of standards and position statements.
  3. Digital Storytelling Finds its Place in the Classroom - article by Tom Banaszewski (February 2002) Learn about the Place Project done with fourth and fifth grade students. This article focuses on how digital storytelling hooked children (grade 4) onto writing. It provides the step-by-step process the author used.

Web Resources:

David Brear’s website on digital storytelling:
Educational Uses of Digital Storytelling:
Dr. Barrett’s website on digital storytelling:

Other Useful Articles

Film School - the silver screen inspires young minds to think big - George Lucas Educational Foundation's Edutopia Magazine, December '05.

How to Use Digital Story Telling in the Classroom - George Lucas Educational Foundation's Edutopia Magazine, December '05.

Reality Bytes - Digital learners have their own tech tales to tell, George Lucas Educational Foundation's Edutopia Magazine, October '05.

What's Your Story? - article by Daniel H. Pink, talks about how the business world uses story telling in its work.

Educational Uses

Educational Uses of Digital Storytelling - this site from the University of Houston is devoted to the Educational Uses of Digital Storytelling.

Shout Out! A Kid's Guide to Recording Stories - This is a guide you can download for students who want to gather audio stories. It works through the steps from selecting a subject to interview, how to conduct the interview and how to use the equipment. Although this site deals only with sound recording, many of the tips can be applied to video recording.

Telling Your Story - a handbook for putting the story into digital ( and traditional ) storytelling. 

Adapted from David Brear’s website on digital storytelling: