Pre-Requisite Skills, Technology Requirements
and Dispositions for Distance Learning

ePortfolio Intro - Getting started and introductions; ePortfolio Literature and creating a plan; software options and the portfolio development process; developing the digital archive (Excel); building a reflective portfolio (Word) and evaluation.

ePortfolio Tools - Looking at the following common software tools for creating ePortfolios: PowerPoint, Acrobat, Netscape; creating a digital storytelling artifact using a digital video editing program such as iMovie or Pinnacle Studio; creata a rubric and evaluation.

ePortfolio Web - Preparing the ePortfolio for publishing in a variety of formats: CD-ROM, WWW, videotape, DVD and emerging technologies; more literature on e-portfolio research; finalize portfolio and final evaluation.

Course Content Guide:
Electronic Portfolio Development (3 credits)
Course Content Guides (1 credit each) Credit #1 - Credit #2 - Credit #3


Distance Course Policies
Getting Started (Week 1)
Module 1
- Module 2 - Module 3

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